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Vantage ABI™

Simple one-touch ABI screening in just 3 minutes

Vantage ABI™

Vantage ABI™

Higher throughput ABI assessment for your practice

The Vantage ABI conducts fast, accurate ABI screenings in minutes to assist with the early detection of Peripheral Arterial Disease (P.A.D.).  The Vantage ABI completes a single-level exam using Digital Fourier Oscillometry (DFO).  Summit Doppler worked with researchers from the Cleveland Clinic to create a unique clinically validated DFO Algorithm*.

System features include:

  • Speedy throughput with large display and intuitive touch screen navigation
  • Convenient USB drive for data storage, transfer and EMR interface
  • Blood pressure cuffs for obtaining pressures and ankle waveforms

VANABI – Vantage ABI Package 1: One-touch, three-minute ABI exams with USB data storage and cuffs included.

VANMAX – Vantage ABI Package 2: One-touch, three minute ABI exams with USB data storage and 4 cuffs, plus built-in printer, basket and durable stand.


*Patent: WO2012040428A2

VANABI Vantage ABI – Package 1
VANMAX Vantage ABI with Stand – Package 2
CUF0002 10 cm Blood Pressure Cuff (1)
CUF0003 12 cm Blood Pressure Cuff (1)
K180 Adhesive backed label paper (5 Rolls)