The TM-FLOW System

Diagnosing neuropathy for Sanexas therapy

  • User-friendly
  • Non-invasive
  • 7-10 minute test
  • Easy to interpret report
  • Allows provider to perform and bill for 3 CPT codes
  • Average Medicare Reimbursement $315

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Vascular Function and Autonomic Nervous System Assessments

TM Flow

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Primary Care Diagnostics specializes in enhancing patient care and increasing practice revenues.

We offer healthcare providers innovative technology such as the TM Flow System, ANS Testing,  Holter Monitoring, Spirometry and EKG.

SpiroPro M915
SpiroPro Primary Care Diagnostics

PCD SpiroPro represents the state of the art performance in PC-based spirometry. It is an accurate and precise diagnostic spirometer with embedded ambient condition measuring sensors for automatic real-time BTPS correction.

SpiroPro utilizes the comprehensive PCD SpiroPro software. The system is a perfect fit for doctors, who require a precise spirometer with highly customizable software, clear visualization of results and excellent networking capabilities. With disposable PCD SpiroSafe flow transducers there is no need for bacterial filters or sterilization. This increases patient throughput and saves operational costs.

SpiroPro – Product Code: M915

ANS-1 System

ANS-1 System The ANS-1 System utilizes the Sudomotor Testing, Autonomic Function Testing and Vascular Assessment for a complete evaluation of small fiber neuropathy, autonomic dysfunction, arterial stiffness and blood pressure. The test is only 5 minutes and is billed with CPT Codes 95943 (95921) and 95923

StarScan Holter Monitoring System

The StarScan Holter Monitoring System represents true innovation in the field of Holter Monitoring. Designed on Windows® 10 Platform, the system incorporates StarScan’s exclusive beat detection and arrhythmia analysis algorithm in conjunction with state-of-the-art digital technology to deliver unparalleled accuracy and reduced scanning time. The StarScan Holter system offers all the tools needed to customize scanning for best results.

Holter Monitor for Sale

Universal ECG

The smallest and lightest 12-channel ECG on the market. Connect the Universal ECG to any Personal Computer (PC), Laptop, or Pocket PC to acquire, store and analyze up to 12-channels of high-resolution ECG data.

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