SpiroPro M915
SpiroPro Spirometer PCD

Product Code: M915

PCD SpiroPro represents the state of the art performance in PC-based spirometry. It is an accurate and precise diagnostic spirometer with embedded ambient condition measuring sensors for automatic real-time BTPS correction.

SpiroPro utilizes the comprehensive PCD SpiroPro software. The system is a perfect fit for doctors, who require a precise spirometer with highly customizable software, clear visualization of results and excellent networking capabilities. With disposable PCD SpiroSafe flow transducers there is no need for bacterial filters or sterilization. This increases patient throughput and saves operational costs.

SpiroPro Primary Care Diagnostics
SpiroPro M915

Freddy the Frog incentive

SpiroPro Freddy the Frog

SpiroPro’s Freddy the Frog is the only 3D incentive animation in the world. Freddy captures the attention of the children and encourages maximum performance. This improves the quality of spirometry results.


SpiroSafe CostThe combination of hardware and software features and the use of PCD SpiroSafe disposables increases patient throughput and makes the system cost-efficient.

Patient safety

SpiroSoft Patient Safety

Disposable PCD SpiroSafe flow transducers provide security in infection control. No exhaled air gets into the pressure tube or the device. This reduces patient-to-patient cross-contamination and protects the spirometer.

Medikro Calibration Free Technology

SpiroSoft Medikro Calibration Free

No calibration needed due to continuous monitoring of ambient conditions to ensure automated and constant real-time calibration of the spirometry system.

Automated realtime BTPS correction

Automated Realtime BTPS

The temperature, pressure and humidity sensors track environmental conditions automatically and enable true realtime BTPS correction.

Optional Bronchial Provocation

Bronchial Provocation

Use readymade bronchial provocation protocols, create them from the existing protocols or generate completely new ones.

Consumables & Accessories

PCD SpiroSafe M9256

PCD SpiroSafe

Product code: M9256

We currently purchased the TM FLOW System and the PCD SpiroPro spirometer from Primary Care Diagnostics. We are pleased with the quality of the reports that we receive from both devices as they help is better manage our patients. Hollye and Tim are very responsive to our needs and we highly recommend them."

Dr. Gammada - TN

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