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Diagnose Neuropathy with TM Flow System

ANS Testing Equipment

  • User-friendly medical test
  • Non-invasive
  • 7-10 minute test
  • Easy to interpret report
  • Allows provider to perform and bill for 3 CPT codes
  • Average Medicare Reimbursement $315

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TM-Flow System CPT Codes

95943 (95921) Autonomic Function Testing

95923 Sudomotor Testing

93922 Ankle-Brachial Index Test

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Autonomic, Vascular and Cardiometabolic Risk Assessments

  • Differentiating the patient symptom causes.
  • Early detection of chronic metabolic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and vascular disease.
  • Early detection of ANS and vascular complications.
  • Treatment management of type 2 diabetes using scores, Cardiovascular and hypoglycemia risk markers.

TM Flow is a Patented system.

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TM Flow

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TM Flow System

TM Flow focuses on early detection and follow-up of complications (autonomic nervous system & vascular system) of chronic metabolic diseases such as Diabetes.

The TM FLOW System includes the following tests to determine these clinical outcomes and includes:

  • Sudomotor function tests – using sympathetic skin response
  • Photo-plethysmography analysis – using an oximeter. This includes heart rate variability analysis and spectral analysis of the oximeter waveform.
  • Cardiac Autonomic Reflex Tests or EWING Tests: which include valsalva maneuver, deep breathing exercises, postural changes
  • Ankle Brachial Index (ABI ) measurement using PPG
TM Flow System

TM Flow System

TM Flow Device

TM-Flow Test Outcomes

No Human Error

Simultaneous Measurements

Accurate Results

Clear Report

ANS & Vascular Function Overview

TM-Flow Medical System Markers

Vascular Function Assessment

  • Arterial stiffness, CASP and Ankle Brachial Indices from the volume plethysmography analysis.

Homeostatic Markers

  • Patented markers of insulin resistance, inflammation, endothelial regulation from the Photoplethysmography (PTG) Spectral analysis. 

ANS Assessment

  • Sudomotor Function Markers.
  • Heart rate variability analysis (HRV)
  • Cardiac Autonomic Reflex Tests
    • Valsalva Ratio, E/I Ratio,
    • K30/15 Ratio and
    • Systolic Pressure Response to Standing

TM-Flow System Patient Setup

TM Flow Device Patient Setup

Device Components

TM Flow Components, TM Flow Software

TM-Flow Medical System Features

TM Flow System Features

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