ANS-1 System

ANS-1 System The ANS-1 System utilizes the Sudomotor Testing, Autonomic Function Testing and Vascular Assessment for a complete evaluation of small fiber neuropathy, autonomic dysfunction, arterial stiffness and blood pressure. The test is only 5 minutes and is billed with CPT Codes 95921 and 95923

ANS-1 System for Sale

The TM FLOW System

  • User-friendly
  • Non-invasive
  • 7-10 minute test
  • Easy to interpret the report that can be integrated into EHR

Universal ECG

The smallest and lightest 12-channel ECG on the market. Connect the Universal ECG to any Personal Computer (PC), Laptop, or Pocket PC to acquire, store and analyze up to 12-channels of high-resolution ECG data.

Universal EEG

StarScan Holter Monitor

The StarScan Holter Monitoring System incorporates StarScan’s exclusive beat detection and arrhythmia analysis algorithm in conjunction with state-of-the-art digital technology to deliver unparalleled accuracy and reduced scanning time. The StarScan system offers all the tools needed to customize scanning.

Holter Monitor for Sale
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