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VAT® ENGplus™ Combo System

VAT-ENGplus Combo System

Test your patients for central nervous system and peripheral vestibular involvement as well as receive a corneo-retinal potential value in just under 25 minutes using the VAT-ENGplus Combo System.

  • Excellent diagnostic test for patients identified as “fall risk” during Annual Wellness Visit exam
  • Quick test with immediate results
  • Average reimbursement of $200-$400 per patient

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VAT ENGplus Combo System

What is the most common manifestation of vestibular dysfunction in the elderly?
Dizziness results from primary or secondary vestibular system disorders in approximately 85% of cases?. Vertigo and other forms of dizziness originating in the vestibular system are frequent in the elderly.

How is the vestibular system affected by age?
While the cause of dizziness in the elderly is a multisystem processes, the data suggest that aging causes a reduction in peripheral vestibular function and also the cortical efficiency with which these signals are used for balance, which together play a significant role in the increasing the risk of falls in the …

What is the purpose of vestibular testing?
Vestibular function tests are performed to assess the inner ear balance organs and to identify if one or both are working properly. Part of this will involve close observation and recording of your eyes movements to look for nystagmus.

How many falls in the elderly are a result of vestibular disturbances?
The major reported cause of falls in elderlies is vestibular dysfunction. Its prevalence increases with age, reaching 30% in those above 60 years of age and 50% in those above 85 years.

Patients identified as a Fall Risk Can benefit from Vestibular Testing with the VAT-ENGplus Combo
The VAT-ENGplus Combo is:

  • Ideal for Seniors who are a Fall Risk
  • An In-office and non-invasive test
  • Testing takes approximately 15 minutes
  • Automatic report is generated
  • Average Medicare Reimbursement is $200-$300
  • Cost per test: $4.00
  • Can be repeated after “at home” exercise to document improvement

The American Geriatric Society and Medicare together state that 85% of senior falls occur as a result of some type of vestibular issue. As a result, physicians are encouraged to screen all senior patients for vestibular disorders in an effort to reduce falls.

“Balance testing needs to be part of basic primary care… all physicians need to be monitoring and screening their patients for vestibular dysfunction so that we can take preventive measures to guard against falling.”

Dr. Lloyd Minor
Director of Otolaryngology
John Hopkins University School of Medicine


VAT® ENGplus™ Combo System

  • Complete diagnostic evaluation of ear, brain, and eye
  • Complete diagnostic evaluation of Peripheral Vestibular, Central Nervous System and Corneo- Retinal Potential
  • Simple and easy to administer in less than 25 minutes
  • Established and verified CPT codes for reimbursement
  • Reimbursements of $250 – $588 per test
  • Portable and small
  • Tests can be performed in most exam rooms
  • Noninvasive and requires the use of only 5 electrodes

“The VATplus allows me to differentiate between a Peripheral Vestibular disorder and a Central Nervous System disorder. It has been extremely beneficial to our business.”
~Dr. Michael M., Pennsylvania

VAT Testing with VAT® ENGplus™


The ENGplus™  offers:

  • Complete ENG battery of tests
  • OculomotorVAT-ENGplus Combo System
  • Gaze
  • Positional & Hallpike
  • Caloric

Automatically Computes Test Results

  • Software selects the best segment for analysis

Meets the Current ANSI Standards HIPAA Compliant

The VAT® ENGplus™ Combo Includes

  • Laptop
  • Full-Color Printer
  • Combo Control Box & Oculotrak®
  • Head Trap/Preamp/Electrode Harness
  • Box of Duotrode Electrodes
  • Power Supply with Power Cord
  • Pack of Head Pad Covers
  • USB Cable
  • System Training
  • VAT® ENGplus™ Manual
  • Reference Manual
  • VAT® Software
  • ENGplus™ Software
  • VAT® Training CD
  • Starter Supply Kit

VAT Test


92540 $132
92546 $158
92547 $13

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