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ANS-1 System

The ANS-1 system equips health care providers with an efficient tool for analyzing the automatice nervous system. The ANS-1 System combines 3 technologies based on Galvanic skin response, oscillometry, abd photoplethysmography analysis and  to assess the Autonomic Nervous System and Peripheral circulation.

ANS-1 System Benefits

  • No Human Error
  • Clear Report
  • Accurate Results
  • 7-10 minutes (simultaneous measurements)
  • ANS and Artery Overview

ANS-1 Technology

  • Galvanic skin response
  • Oscillometry
  • Abd photoplethysmography

For more information about the ANS-1 or to schedule a demo, contact Hollye Rider at  (731) 234-5095 or email

PCD StarScan Autonomic Nervous System Test

Primary Care Diagnostics announces the PCD StarScan Autonomic Nervous System Test.


  • Any diabetic patient starting or involved in an exercise program
  • Duration of Type I diabetes greater than 15 years
  • Duration of Type II diabetes greater than 5 years or age 42 or older at diagnosis
  • Any diabetic patient scheduled for general anesthesia
  • Clinical evidence of gastroparesis, peripheral neuropathy, impotence, bladder dysfunction, fixed or unexplained tachycardia

CPT CODE:  95921

Testing of autonomic nervous system function:
Cardiovagal innervation (parasympathetic function), including two or more of the following:  heart rate response to deep breathing with recorded R-R interval; valsalva ratio; and 30:15 ratio (posture test).

ICD – 9         DIAGNOSIS

250.60           Type II Controlled Diabetes

250.61            Type I Controlled Diabetes

250.62            Type II Uncontrolled Diabetes

250.63             Type I Uncontrolled Diabetes

337.1                Disorders of the autonomic nervous system